Dushyant Sabharwal

Full stack developer

Amsterdam, Netherlands, NL
English, Hindi



    Dushyant is from Amritsar, also called the holy city and well known for amazing cuisines and the Golden Temple, is one of the major cities in the state of Punjab in India. He is a graduate in Computer Science and a post-graduate from IIT Bombay with a specialization in satellite image processing. He has had the chance to work on several products giving him the privelege to work on a lot of different technologies and stacks. Most of his work entails building products for the web but besides that he has had the opportunity to work on several machine learning assignments including sentiment analysis image classification and text mining.

    Work Experience

    • Senior Developer - Full Stack, Adyen, Amsterdam

      Part of the market pay team which deals with market places like uber and ebay

      Responsible for setting up the new front-end stack

      Building the internal APIs required for the front-end

    • Full stack engineer 2, Servicenow, Amsterdam

      ServiceNow provides service management for every department in the enterprise including IT, human resources, facilities, field service and more. Performance Analytics team builds the analytics capabilities for the service now platform which can then be used by service now products like ITSM, ITOM, etc. My responsibilities currently involves developing dashboards for analytics generated by crunching big-data. Reviewing technologies which can be adopted in order to have a more performant application. Key areas where we focus while developing dashboards are :

      • Responsiveness
      • WCAG compatibility
      • Loading only the content which can be consumed by the specific viewport hence leading to fast user interfaces
      • Pushing the development efforts towards progressive wep apps for e.g. using service workers for caching static resources, extensive use of Chrome developer tools to analyze how the app is performing.
      • Writing highly performant REST API's in Java for different clients to be able to show rich dashboards.

      Also, steering the front-end development in the team towards web components.

    • Full stack engineer, GulfTalent, Dubai

      GulfTalent is the leading online recruitment portal in the Middle East & Africa

      • Worked closely with the business analysts to develop features spanning the full stack.
      • Architected and developed the integration of online payments.
      • Developed a feature to provide similar CV suggestions using text mining.
    • Contract Developer, Google, Bombay

      Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school.

      • Contributed to 52o North Initiative for Open Source Geospatial Software, GmbH
      • Developed a responsive access control software to restrict the use of Sensor Web capabilities by the admin.
      • Architected the whole project and finished well before the deadline.
    • Systems Engineer, Infosys Technologies, Pune

      Infosys is a global leader in technology services & consulting, helps clients in more than 50 countries to create & execute digital transformation strategies.

      • Worked with the user interface team for a penetration testing product.
      • Revamped features to incorporate intense nature of data.
      • Worked for two complete release cycles and managed new entrants as well.


    • Front end
      HTML CSS Javascript Typescript VueJS D3 AngularJS Angular Bootstrap jQuery WCAG Progressive web apps
    • Back end
      php Symfony 2.x Java Go Spring Gearman
    • Database
      MySQL PostgreSQL
    • Machine Learning
      Neural networks Dimensionality reduction
    • Version Control
    • Development Environment
      IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse Sublime
    • Software Project Management


    Technical speaking


    • Basketball

      Kobe Bryant
    • Distributed systems

      Highly available systems


    • Miral Patel, Infosys Technologies

      I worked with Dushyant for about a year at Infosys on enterprise application development. I was leading UI team from offshore and Dushyant joined my team as fresher. He was extremely passionate about writing quality code from the first day and was always curious about grasping the domain knowledge to help develop new features in effective way. His first noticeable achievement, within first couple of months, was when he refactored the existing complex code to display network diagrams and simplified it, thereby reducing the rendering time of the diagrams by a significant margin. He did not stop there and soon took over more responsibilities and became one of the key players in UI team. He also mentored new team members and smoothened their transition period. Dushyant brings positive energy to the team as he applies the same to his work at hand. He will be the asset to any team he will be part of. I will definitely like to work with him in future.

    • Henning Bredel, Google

      I mentored Dushyant during GSoC in 2014. Dushyant has very well performed and succeeded in his task developing a client to create and manage access rules to secure timeseries sensors and data provided by WSS proxied SOS